766a98191bd3f359432dd8418847d02bWe spend the whole year looking forward to our Summer holiday; after the long, dark days of Winter there’s no better feeling than the sun on your back and sand under your toes. It’s only natural that you want to look your best on the beach but how many of us give much thought to our swimwear?

In actual fact, just as there are certain clothing styles that suit different shapes better, so there are different swimsuit styles which will flatter and fit some better than others. Don’t forget that whether you go for a 1 or 2-piece, it should be in a fab colour(s) from your palette to suit your skin tone )of which there will be plenty on display!)

Neat Hourglass (defined bust and waist, neat bottom and hips).

If you have a neat hourglass figure and you’re in proportion then you basically have your pick of swimsuit styles! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Try a bikini in a fabulous colour to show off your figure.

Full Hourglass (full bust, defined waist, rounded bottom and hips)

Support is essential for you so opt for a swimsuit or bikini that has underwriting or built-in support for maximum comfort. Opt for block colours and avoid horizontal stripes or details across the bust and hips.

Triangle (full hips and/or thighs, defined waist, shoulders that are narrower than your hips/smaller top half)

You want to draw all the attention upwards and emphasise your slim waist. A mix and match bikini is great (wear a colour on top and go for a  dark colour on your bottom half). Patterns and details should be kept on your bust and beware of high-cut styles as you don’t want these to finish at your widest point.

Inverted Triangle (straight shoulder line, little waist definition, flat hips/bottom, your bottom half may seem smaller than your top half)

Halter and square necklines work beautifully with your straight shoulder line. Have fun with details on the hips. It is usually easier to go for styles where you can buy your top and bottom half separately, this will give you the freedom to get a look that works best for you.

Rectangle (straight shoulder line, hips and bottom, little waist definition, straight ribcage – you may also have a full bust)

A swimsuit with a central panel in a darker colour is a great option for you as it creates the illusion of curves and a slimmer shape. Geometric patterns look great with your body shape.

Oval (rounded shoulder line, curved back, fullness around the middle, flat-ish bottom)

A tankini will cover your middle and isn’t too figure-hugging. Details on your shoulders will draw attention upwards. Have fun with sarongs as chic, colourful cover-ups for whilst you’re relaxing by the pool.

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Image via chicwish

As the long weekend approaches here in the UK many of us are looking forward to a little sunshine and relaxation. You may even be lucky enough to have a trip away in the diary.

Whatever your plans, our bank holiday style guide will ensure you hit just the right note this weekend…

Escape To The Country

There’s nothing better than escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and getting back to nature. Whilst comfort and practicality will be the most important factors when deciding what to wear, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style.

Pack light layers so you’re prepared for fun whatever the weather; a simple Breton tee, lightweight (waterproof) jacket and an elegant scarf will offer a little warmth in cooler temperatures whilst also adding a chic touch to your look. When it comes to footwear trainers or walking shoes are likely to be required so try a colourful design to give them a pop.

Afternoon BBQ

The perfect opportunity to relax at home with loved ones, many of you will be lighting up the BBQ this weekend! Whilst the occasion certainly doesn’t call for anything too formal, if you’re inviting guests to join you it’s nice to elevate your everyday look a little.

A laid-back maxi dress is perfect for comfort paired with some wedge sandals; don’t forget to finish your look with a chilled glass of something bubbly!

City Escapades

If the fast-paced hustle of the city is on the cards this weekend then you may feel the heat!

A lightweight dress or skirt and top, with flat sandals will ensure you stay cool whilst pounding the streets. Opt for a cross-body bag for comfort and ease whilst exploring and don’t forget to top off your look with a statement pair of shades!

For more bank holiday outfit inspiration take a look at our Pinterest board here.

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Image: marinegirl.co.uk

Image: marinegirl.co.uk

Spring is in full swing and Summer is not far off, but unpredictable temperatures mean that when it comes to Britain in the Summertime, it always pays to be prepared.

Whilst the sun has greeted us on several occasions already this season, it still isn’t quite warm enough to venture out without a coat (or an umbrella for that matter!) There are several chic outerwear options to consider to keep you warm and stylish whilst we wait for the temperatures to really heat up…

Classic Blazer

Perfect to create shape and show off a slim waist (opt for a style with darting so it pulls in around your middle). Neutral colours like Stone, Taupe, Pewter and Charcoal are all versatile, or to make a bit of a statement choose something in more of a statement shade from your dominant colour palette. Greens, blues and reds will all give a fresh, Spring feel to your outfit.

Denim Jacket

Perfect for those of you with Natural style personality; a simple denim jacket will give a casual look the perfect finishing touch. Remember to opt for a denim that suits your skin tone; Deeps should go for a dark navy shade, whereas Lights will look better in something more washed-out.

Trench Coat

Classic and stylish, a trench coat is a staple that every woman can utilise as part of her Spring wardrobe and is a great choice as smarter outerwear for work. If you have a curvy body shape (for example Hourglass or Triangle), choose a belted style to show off your waist. Straighter body shapes (Lean Column or Rectangle) should choose one with a little shaping but no belt around the middle to keep your look simple and uncluttered.

Finally, remember to accessorise! Lightweight scarves in a colour (or combination of colours) from your palette, will add a little extra warmth on chillier days as well as a pop of colour to pull together your whole look.

Want to find out which Spring jacket is right for you? Get in touch with your local colour me beautiful consultant here.

Image: topshop.com

Image: topshop.com

With the recent glorious weather in the UK it certainly feels like the time is right to unpack the Spring/Summer essentials and prepare for the season ahead.

Florals are synonymous with Spring and if you haven’t tried incorporating them into your outfit before, then now is the perfect time to give them a try.

Read on for our top tips on how to wear florals…

  1. Size Matters 

Consider the size of print if you decide to wear florals. If you’re petite, smaller more delicate prints are best. If you’re of average height then a medium size pattern will work well and if you’re grand (5’7 and taller) then you can go for something a little bigger and bolder.

2. Colour Lovers

Patterns are generally more colourful, particularly florals. As long as the overriding colour falls into your colour palette then this is fine. You could even pick out a particular colour from within the pattern for your accessories to ensure everything harmonises with your colouring.

3. Shape Up

Wear florals on your bottom half if you have an inverted triangle body shape and on your top half if you have a triangle body shape. Remember; whenever you wear your print is where the eye will be drawn so use them to show off your best bits.

4. Funky Feet

Embellished footwear is big news this Spring so you may want to consider trainers with a floral embossed print on them. A great way of ‘dipping your toe’ (pun intended!) into florals!

5. Subtle Statements

If you want to do florals in a more subtle way then consider adding a broach or scarf with a floral design to your outfit. Scarves also look great tied around your handbag so if the weather is too warm to wear one around your neck you can still customise your look in this way.

Take a look at our floral Pinterest board here.

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Image via Cox and Cox

Image via Cox and Cox

With the clocks springing forward this weekend we can soon look forward to lighter mornings and longer evenings – Summer is on the way!

However, losing that precious hour can put a real squeeze on your morning routine for the first few days, so here are our top three time-saving tips to ensure you can greet those early mornings with a smile (and in style!) next week.

1. Plan Ahead

If you’ve had a colour and/or style consultation with one of our colour me beautiful experts then it’s likely you’ll have a carefully curated collection for the season ahead, with each item being versatile enough to wear with several others in your wardrobe. However, there’s still nothing worse than going to pull an outfit out to wear in the morning only to find its in the wash/needs ironing. Decide what you’re going to wear the night before, along with accessories and have it all to hand for the morning.

2. Opt for Ease

Forgo a lip base and lipstick combo and add a slick of lip gloss instead. Our Extreme Sheen Lip Glosses are easy to apply and will give you the perfect pout with one quick application so you’ll be heading out of the door in a flash.

3. Handbags at the Ready

Pack your handbag (which you’ll already have selected to perfectly match your outfit), the night before with all your essentials so all you need to do come morning is pick it up and head out of the door.


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Image source: Captain & The Gypsy Kid.

Image source: Captain & The Gypsy Kid.

If you follow us over on our Facebook page you’ll have seen that we’ve been asking you what has been the best style advice your Mum has given you over the years.

From ‘less is more’ through to ‘don’t show your underwear’ we’ve loved the pearls of wisdom you’ve been sharing and it certainly goes to show that Mum really does know best.

Today we look at style lessons from iconic women that we can all apply today.

“If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes you can get away with anything.” 

- Iris Apfel

Get the fundamentals right (in this case hair and shoes in Iris Apfel’s opinion) and the rest will flow. We all know how awful we feel if we’re having a bad hair day or if our shoes are scuffed and worn. Take care with the basics and you will look inevitably look put-together and feel much more confident as a result.

“You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that.”

- Helen Mirren

We love this! All too often we all worry about what other people may think of us and how we dress. If you can shake this off and dress for yourself we can guarantee that your confidence and happiness will shine through – making you the best dressed person in the room, no matter what you’re wearing!

“Life is a party, dress like it.” 

- Audrey Hepburn

How often have you saved an item of clothing for ‘best’ only for it never to see the light of day? We love this advice from Audrey Hepburn – how fabulous would it be if we all dressed up every day?!The world would certainly be a much more glamorous place! Now we’re not suggesting you wear your ball gown to walk the dog, but perhaps next time the occasion calls for it, go to town a little and wear that fabulous dress/blouse/bag that you’ve been keeping for a special occasion. Beautiful clothes deserve to be shared with the world!

“Attitude is everything.” 

- Diane von Furstenburg

Isn’t it just? No matter your age, dress size or clothing budget, how you wear your clothes and the attitude you adopt really is everything! Adopt a positive, fun and optimistic attitude and this will flow through to your style and best of all, a change of attitude to how you dress doesn’t cost a penny!

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logoAt colour me beautiful we love to discover new brands so when we heard that Samantha Cameron was launching her own clothing line we couldn’t wait to take a peak. After all, throughout her husband’s time as Prime Minster, Samantha was known for her impeccable taste and sense of style.

Cefinn, which launched earlier this month with a capsule collection of 36 pieces is, as you might expect, reflective of Samantha’s personal style with clean lines, a simple colour palette and elegant silhouettes. Samantha says of the range: “I want to make it simple for women to feel fashionable, feminine and confident.”

Designed for women with busy lives, most of the range is washable and the easy-to-wear separates make it a dream to mix and match different items to ensure you get maximum wear and versatility from each piece.

The colour palette has been cleverly thought through so that whilst there isn’t a rainbow of shades to choose from, each colour works well when mixed with other accent shades – and there’s a colour to suit each of our dominant colour categories too!

Red - perfect for Warms, Deeps and Clears. This shade will also work for Lights but remember to wear a lighter shade with it.

Navy - a universal colour, great for all our dominant colour categories and so versatile!

Black - a great neutral for you Deeps, Cools and Clears.

Khaki - enjoy wearing this if you fall into the Warm, Deep or Soft colour category.

Our top picks from the range…

Zip Neck Funnel Dress – elegant and versatile, the perfect item to take you from the office to after-work drinks in the city.

Tailored Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Blouse – Red – beautiful with trousers or a skirt for work, or with your jeans and heels for a smart/casual weekend look.

Pleated A-Line Skirt – Navy – a great staple for your working wardrobe in a colour that will go with all of your accent shades.

Belted Cocoon Coat - a modern classic, the cocoon shape is here to stay! A great item to help you transition into Spring.

Browse the full Cefinn range at www.cefinn.com


Photo credit: Blair Eadie, Atlantic-Pacific

Photo credit: Blair Eadie, Atlantic-Pacific

February is often thought to be one of the most romantic months of the year, with Valentine’s Day prompting a plethora of red roses, pink hearts, declarations of love and even proposals of marriage. As such, it’s almost guaranteed that wherever you look on the high street during February there will be LOTS of red and LOTS of pink – both colours associated with passion, romance and love.

Red and pink, which never used be seen worn together have more recently become an acceptable colour combination. In theory they ‘clash’, but when mixed together in the right way they can make a real style statement.

Block Colours

Probably the boldest statement you can make with this colour combination – try block colours. A red skirt worn with a pink top (or vice versa) is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and needs little else to finish off the look. Definitely one to try if you have a Dramatic style personality!

Subtler Shades

Most of us will imagine a bright pink and vibrant red when we consider these colours, but remember you can opt for paler, subtler shades if you prefer. Powder pink will work particularly well if you fall into the Light colour category and looks beautiful when worn with a richer geranium red (which would be best on your bottom half away from your face).


A red or pink bag, shoes, belt or statement necklace are all greats ways of incorporating colour into your outfit, without it feeling too overpowering. In particular, a red bag is a great item to add to your wardrobe as it can lift a simple monochromatic colour palette and give it real vibrancy and interest.

Pattern Play

Patterns are the perfect way of incorporating different colours into your outfit. You could opt for an oriental or floral pattern with shades of red, pink and other colours from your palette – a great choice if you love patterns (we’re talking to all you Romantics out there!)

Nail It

The simplest way to add a colour ‘clash’… change your nail colour! Pink and red are both great shades to opt for and can provide the subtlest of colour pops to your outfit (add a matching lip to pull your whole look together).

Looking for inspiration? Check out our Red + Pink Pinterest board for outfit inspiration.

Want to find out which shades of red and pink work best for you? Find your local colour me beautiful consultant here.

dress code


This week MPs have stated that the government must enforce a law to ban sexist dress rules at work that discriminate against women. Here at colour me beautiful, we are delighted to hear about this, surely to have a rule for one person, but not another because of their gender is both unfair and sexist?

What interests us as image consultants though, is how different people will ultimately interpret dress codes in different ways. It’s all down to our style personality you see; so whilst one woman may be horrified at the thought of having to wear 2-4 inch heels on a daily basis, another wouldn’t dream of stepping out in anything less. The key thing is that we should all have a choice as to what we wear in the workplace.

In our mind it is all about being dressed appropriately for the environment you’re working in; so you are well groomed and comfortable but still given the freedom to express your unique sense of style too. After all, its takes seven seconds to make a first impression, so for an employer the goal must be to have employees who are appropriately dressed and also comfortable in what they are wearing. An employee who feels comfortable and confident will certainly perform better in their role and represent their employer in the best possible light.

In a smart-casual office environment for example, a dramatic style personality would most certainly be donning her 4 inch heels on a daily basis, she simply couldn’t concentrate in flats (as a famous dramatic once said). These heels may also be in a vivid colour and you can be sure that her footwear will compliment her on-trend office outfit. Her natural style personality colleague on the other hand, will look at those glorious heels and cringe. They’re just not for her. Instead she slips on a comfortable pair of flats worn with trousers and fixes her hair in a simple, no-fuss style to ensure it doesn’t bother her throughout the day. Both are dressed appropriately for the work environment that they’re in, just in very different ways.

Next take our romantic style personality, she may opt for some elegant Chanel-inspired court shoes with a mid-height heel. Her office look will be more detailed, perhaps a floral printed blouse or some delicate jewellery to off-set her smart work look. A classic style personality will opt for a more understated, slightly traditional look – a jacket and dress, skirt or trousers, comfortable yet smart shoes. Her whole outfit will be co-ordinated beautifully in tonal colours and with very little make-up or jewellery.

Ultimately, what you wear at work should be appropriate for the industry you work in, and for your role within the organisation. The key to dress codes is flexibility. Trust your employees to dress in an appropriate way, to present a well-groomed, professional exterior in their workplace and allow them to show some of the personal qualities that make the world the diverse and colourful place that it is!

States_california-hollywood-sign-EUnless you have been living in a cave for the past month, it won’t have escaped your notice that there’s a new Hollywood blockbuster hitting our cinema screens right now going by the name of La La Land.

This nostalgic Hollywood musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is one of the most colourful displays of filmography to hit our screens for some time, so naturally the team at colour me beautiful were keen to get front row seats to see it as soon as it opened last week!

After all the hype (and a record-breaking seven Golden Globes) would it live up to our expectations? The answer is simply, YES! The story is beautiful, the music is wonderful and the costumes are colourful! It is the ultimate in uplifting escapism and the amount which the colourful costumes contribute to its feel-good factor should not be underestimated.

From the opening scene where four aspiring actresses shimmy and sing, each dressed in a different brightly-coloured dress, through to our heroine carrying her bright blue heels around in her oversized red tote bag, colour is everywhere! The result? You watch the film and you feel fabulous!

It is no secret that colour has a powerful effect on our senses and on our mood. In a recent article The Telegraph reported that the costume designer for La La Land, Mary Zophres, intentionally utilised the power of the colour yellow (as seen on Emma Stone on promotional posters for the film) to make viewers feel great about her character. After all, yellow is an optimistic colour, reminding us of sunshine; so its sure to put a smile on our faces when we see it and trigger positive associations.

As the film goes on we see Mia (Emma Stone) in an array of bold hues; emerald green for a romantic date with the dashing Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), primrose yellow for a show biz pool party, Chinese blue for a night out with her girlfriends. When she’s not wearing a brightly coloured dress she is carrying a true red tote bag everywhere she goes, injecting energy and vibrancy to the screen.

In a month most commonly associated with grey (mainly the colour of the sky here in the UK!), seeing a kaleidoscope of colour exploding onto our cinema screens in a most welcome sight. It’s also a great reminder that wearing colour, in particular colours which really do make you look and feel fabulous, can have the most uplifting and energising effect!

We’re packing our bags with our most vibrantly coloured clothing and planning a move to La La Land – care to join us?

Discover your show-stopping colours with a colour me beautiful colour consultation. Read more about it here and find your local colour me beautiful consultant here.