Whether you are lucky enough to have mild temperatures on Christmas Day that allow you to wear a special dress or you need to layer up a bit to keep out the near freezing cold, do make an effort with your outfit. It’s a special occasion, so rise to it.

You don’t have to be in your best party togs,  but a good colour, a bit of sparkle perhaps and something you look good in and feel comfortable in for the day is what you are after.  If you are going to be in the kitchen, just make sure you wear an apron in your colours! 

And don’t forget your make-up: a well-applied mascara and a fabulous shade of lipstick will add some festive glam. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Colour Me Beautiful!


You have taken the time to select and put together a fabulous outift but you take five minutes to put on your make-up, which is the same make-up you always wear but more of it.  Does this sound familiar? Don’t let your look down by adopting the “I simply need to apply more make-up for the evening” approach.  Before choosing your final outfit you will probably try on several pieces, so make sure you do the same with your make-up and try different looks with your new clothes.

To acheive the best make-up looks you need to make sure you have the right products and know- how to apply each product properly and with the right tools.  The make-up colours you wear should compliment your colouring and the look you create should enhance and flatter your features. 

Think about the colour you are wearing, your hairstyle and the overall look you want to acheive then let your make-up compliment all of those.

If you have fallen into the same make-up routine then it’s time to start experimenting with different products and colours.  If you don’t feel confident at all about choosing or applying cosmetics then investing in some expert advice will equip you with the knowledge you need to acheive great make-up. 

The latest Colour Me Beautiful book , the ‘Make-up Manual’ (Hamlyn) is an easy to follow guide which will show you how to create your best looks by using the right application techniques and the best products for you.  You can also book a Make-up Lesson (from £30 for an hour) with a Colour Me Beautiful consultant who will guide you on all you need to know from how to look after your skin to choosing your best colours and using application techniques that compliment your features.

Colour Me Beautiful Make-up Manual


 If you want to give her something a bit special this year that is great value and won’t end up never worn or in a corner of the house somewhere, have  a look through our Gift Experience range.

Giving gifts is a pleasure and more and more we want to give something thoughtful and useful, not something that is fun just for five minutes. We all deserve to look our best, and when we look good, we feel good. Learning how to dress in a way that compliments our features, our body shape and our personality, is key to looking good.

Whether it’s a Colour Experience – finding out about the colours that suit her and how to wear them – a Colour and Make-up Experience- the Colour Experience plus a full make-up lesson – or a Full Image Experience – learning everything about creating her perfect wardrobe through colour and style and make-up – our gift experiences provide not only a lovely ‘me time’ treat but also valuable advice and information that she can use again and again.

She will avoid buying clothes that don’t work for her, thereby saving money, and will be able to create a more efficient wardrobe and feel confident that she looks good in all of her clothes. What more could a woman want for Christmas?

Red is most definitely this season’s hottest colour for evening wear, so if you have always wanted a great red dress then make the most of the choice available now.

Whether it’s for daytime or party wear, red can have a potent effect on how others perceive us and how we feel when we wear it.  Red conveys different meanings too; it symbolises love, passion, sex appeal and romance as well as luxury and glamour.  Think of some iconic red dresses in the movies like the sensational outfits that Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell wore in Gentleman Prefer Blondes or Julia Robert’s evening gown in Pretty Woman.  It can also signal danger and if you touch something red hot, you are sure to get burned! It is no surprise that a woman in a red dress sets pulses racing.

Ultimately, it is one of the best colours to wear to make you feel fabulous. It is energising and uplifting and it really brings some verve to a winter wardrobe. For your red party dress you want to attract attention for the right reasons, in other words you want people to think ‘wow’ not ‘oh!’  So, choosing a good red dress means getting the right style, the right fabric and the right shade for you.  

How do I find the perfect red dress?

Ideally, when you first start browsing you need to look at both the shade and the style.  For red to really look flattering on you, make sure at the very least you pick a shade to match your skin tone. So, if you have cool, pinkish undertones to your skin choose a blue-red, if you have warmer skin tones then go for yellow based reds. You will know when you put it next to your face if it works for you or not.   In terms of style you must consider the cut and the length and the sleeves. Ask yourself, honestly, what length is most flattering on you? Can you get away with strapless or do you need some sleeve? Fabric is very important and you probably want something a bit more interesting for your evening wear such as satin or velvet or a bit of sparkle.  Velvet can be quite stiff, for example, so think about whether it fits nicely down your bodyline or if it makes you look ‘restricted’.  You should also consider volume. If the dress has draping or detail, think about where that will sit on your body as too much detail on your curvier bits can add bulk.  If you look in the mirror and you like it but ‘you’re not sure’, then it’s probably not right.   Don’t rush when shopping, take your time to hunt around and pick one that you look good in and feel good in.

The red dress is the ultimate in va-va-voom, so don’t be shy ladies, find your perfect little red dress and enjoy that Monroe/Russell moment knowing that you look gorgeous and all eyes are most definitely on you, for all the right reasons.

 P.S.  Red is also a must-have colour for Spring 2012.