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Get ready for some instant sunshine!  Yellow is a sunny, feel-good colour but you need to get just the right shade for you and have the confidence to wear it.  

Yellow is a warm colour so it won’t complement you if you have a cool, pinkish skin tone, but if you love it, wear it as part of a print, or in your accessories.  The exuberant yellows will be too strong for certain colourings, you really have to test your yellows against your face to see how much brightness you can take. Remember the acid yellow shades of the eighties? They are back but they are still not easy to wear and not very flattering on anyone so are best avoided! You can mix yellow with other colours in your wardrobe, but you don’t need much to make a statement in this shade – even shoes, a handbag or scarf will set-off your look or just a shot of colour peeking from under a jacket.

If you want to invest in a dress in this colour, keep it simple. You don’t want too much detail on the garment and keep accessories to a minimum for an elegant statement look.  Yellow with white this summer will look crisp and smart. Be careful wearing it with black, you don’t want to look like a bumble bee!

skin tone resizeThere was much debate over the lack of ethnic models at London Fashion Week and whilst we are not attempting to get into a political debate here, from a simple fashion/style/beauty point of view, it doesn’t make sense not to represent the various ethnic looks and skin tones that make up the British demographic today.

Along with your hair and eye colour, your skin colour and skin tone (coolness, warmth and depth in colour) will dictate which colours suit you.  Your personality will also influences your colour choice, of course, but you can’t deny that there are some shades you instinctively know make you look either utterly amazing or truly awful.  Certain shades will compliment not just the colour but the tone of your skin wonderfully, and others will make your skin look dull and even cast shadows on your face.  Also, you need to consider that the texture of your skin changes over the years which means the colour and tone will change slightly too.

In our new, just launched Colour Me Beautiful book the expanded colour section now provides a range of colour profiles for women of all skin tones including Caucasian, Asian, Black or Oriental.  Understanding your dominant colouring and knowing your skin tone is the same as knowing you have a high or short waist, a long or short neck or small or large bust; once you really understand what your individual characterstics are you can make better choices in your clothing and make-up.

Consider the people you know and imagine grouping together those with blonde hair, those with freckles, those with dark skin, and so on. Within those groups, each individual will have a different eye colour and skin tone and will suit different shades of colours.  When you think of a simple pair of tights in a ‘nude’ shade, what is YOUR nude won’t be a “nude” for your friend who might be a British born Spaniard, Caribbean, Chinese etc.  So, it was very clever of Mr. Louboutin to create a range of shoes in five nude shades to cater for a variety of skin tones  In 2011 Debenhams launched a range of ‘invisible’ skin tone hosiery, available in different shades for women with fair, medium and dark skin.  Just the same as clothing sizes and body shapes, one ‘nude’ does not fit all.

So, without even stepping into the politics of this discussion, it is a simple fact that we are all a combination of different hair, eye and skin colourings and within that we all have different skin tones.  And thank goodness! How uninspiring it would be if we all looked and dressed exactly the same.

We can help you determine your ‘dominant’ colouring, skin tone and personal style.  Get in touch with a Colour Me Beautiful consultant near you to find out more about our one-to-one Colour Consultations


Fiona Wellins
Colour Me Beautiful