bedroom-storage-2_largeIf you haven’t done so already, now is the time to do the seasonal wardrobe change and have a bit of a spring wardrobe audit.

The best way to check out what you have, what works and what doesn’t work in your wardrobe is to go through each item of clothing piece by piece.  Allow yourself at least a day to do this.

Put your clothes into three piles:

Pile 1:  Clothes you will keep
Pile 2:  Clothes you might keep
Pile 3:  Clothes that must go

How do you decide?

Is it the right colour?

  • If the answer is yes, then ask yourself if it is the right style. If it is then it goes in Pile 1.
  • If it’s the right colour but the wrong style, can it be altered or worn differently to make it work?  If it can, it goes in pile 2.

Is it the right style but the wrong colour?

  • Can you wear it with a complementary colour from your palette?  Do you have accessories like a necklace or scarf that will make it work?  If yes it goes in Pile 2.
  • If it’s the wrong colour and the wrong style, it goes in Pile 3.
  • If it’s not your current size and you haven’t worn it for a year it goes in Pile 3.

Pile 1 – Clothes for keeps

  • Organise garments by categories: coats, jackets, suits, skirts, trousers, blouses and shirts. Group them by colour within these categories to help give you ideas for combining clothes.
  • Button up jackets and coats, and pull up zips, so that garments hang straight before you put them in the wardrobe, all facing the same way.
  • Don’t put anything back in the wardrobe unless it’s clean
  • Don’t overcrowd your wardrobe

Pile 2 – Is it worth keeping?

  • Check every piece against what you have in your wardrobe to see whether it is worth keeping.  You might find that a jacket in the wrong colour, for example, can be made to work for you if worn with a top that you’ve decided to keep.
  • Can you update some items? A skirt that isn’t quite this season’s midi length nor mini could work simply by shortening the hem.  Changing buttons on a jacket can give it a new lease of life.

Pile 3 – Dispose of clothes as you see fit

  • Give them to a friend
  • Sell expensive items and those that are still current and good quality
  • Arrange a clothes swapping (swishing) party
  • Donate them to charity

Finishing Touches

Before you put everything back in your wardrobe, vaccum and dust it and perhaps place some moth repellent products at the bottom.  To preserve the shape of your clothes, you will need the correct hangers

  • Sturdy wooden hangers for jackets and coats
  • Wooden hangers with clips for skirts and trousers
  • Padded hangers for lightweight and delicate luxury fabrics
  • Basic plastic hangers for blouses, shirts and lightweight summer dresses


Extracted from Colour Me Beautiful the book April 2014
Chapter 7 – Your Everyday Wardrobe, page 188

Next sweat blogOne of the most versatile fashion pieces this spring is the statement sweatshirt.  It’s not as heavy as a knit and not as light as a T-shirt.  It’s perfect to snazz up a pair of jeans with some heels or you can wear it with a skirt (pencil, A-line, full and mini). Mixing this sports-luxe look of the season with the ladylike trend creates a nice ‘relaxed-feminine’ look.  It is the perfect top to see you through from an early spring chill to a summer cover up.

The new look slouchy trench coat will look chic as well as keeping you dry and warm in spring’s unexpected rainfalls and evening chills.  It is less structured than the traditional trench so it is better suited to milder weather when you want lighter layering and more breathable fabrics.  Wearing it open and loose as if you have thrown it on at the last minute will look effortlessly stylish.

Neat ankle boots are the ideal, versatile footwear for ‘in-between weather’.  They will work for both cold and rainy days and on sunnier spring days too.  In milder weather, team them with sheer or light opaque tights (because the legs aren’t quite ready to go bare yet) and a skirt with layered tops. If you buy a really smart pair they will be acceptable for work (depending on the company and sector, of course) and you will be spot on trend too.

Find the best transitional key pieces for you this season with a Style Update.


Fiona Wellins
Colour Me Beautiful