Your clothes tell a story about YOU and about who you are. They also tell a story about who you have been.

VB resizeYesterday, Victoria Beckham tweeted a photo of the dress she wore on her first date with hubby David.  She wore a cute belted shift dress, which wasn’t at all the ‘blingy’, flesh-revealing looks she wore a few years later, nor the groomed elegance she has achieved now. The dress isn’t particularly high fashion either, considering she was a member of the biggest UK girl band at the time.  It is a very sweet dress though and it reflects her youth and perhaps the fact that she was only just gaining celebrity status. It may also suggest that she hadn’t really found her own style yet.

Our clothes reveal not only how styles have changed but how you have, or haven’t, developed your own style and gained confidence in your look.  When you revisit old photos you can see why you dressed a certain way during a certain period of your life from being at school, your first job, university, travelling, marriage, being a mum, and so on.  Whatever path you took, your clothes will have reflected your lifestyle at that time and how you wanted to express yourself in your clothes at that time.  You may have had periods where you couldn’t afford to dress quite how you wanted so perhaps you didn’t bother at all or you got creative with what you had, shopped second hand or rummaged through mum’s or even grandma’s wardrobe.   Or, maybe your career got you stuck in a groove of wearing particular colours or outfits and you didn’t know where to go with your style outside of work.

The important question is, are you happy with your style now?  Do you feel good in your clothes and do you know what you look good in?  When you look back at how you dressed five, ten, twenty or more years ago, do you feel your personal style has progressed in a good way? Do you feel your clothes reflect your personality and who you are now?

Sometimes looking back can nudge us forward.  It can highlight whether we have got into a bit of a rut and that maybe we just need a bit of a change.  If your style is still working for you, and we mean style, not fashion, that’s great.   However, if you are feeling a little lacklustre in your clothes then it’s time for a review and to decide whether your style still fits who you are, your age, your lifestyle and your personality.


Fiona Wellins
Colour Me Beautiful

WhiteWhite is this season’s hottest trend and freshest shade.   Despite mixed reviews of the kit, the England team will be glad they are wearing this cool shade under the Brazilian sun.  White is a shade that often denotes new beginnings, it can look incredibly smart (think crisp white shirt or shift dress) and there is something very honest about white. You certainly can’t hide anything in it!  But, don’t let the practicality factor put you off, now is the time to make the most of this fresh shade.

Guidelines for getting your whites right:
The first rule with whites is to make sure they look fresh and white and not yellow or grey.  Washed out whites will instantly let down your look.

  • If you’re wearing white on its own you need to think carefully about your skin tone to make sure you don’t look ‘transparent’.  If you have warmer undertones in your skin you need to wear the warmer, softer whites such as ivory or creams.  Icy white will work against skins with cooler undertones but overall the softer whites work best on most of us.
  • Think about the fabric; different materials create different effects.  If you want to achieve a soft, romantic look then choose pieces in Indian cotton, linen, chiffon, lace or soft knits, for example. If you want to create a bolder look then go for stiffer fabrics such as crisp cotton and tailored pieces. It will also, of course, depend on which fabrics suit your style and your body shape.
  • Your white garment will attract the eye, so think about how and where you wear it. If your hips are your problem area then wear your white jeans with a tunic that covers that part of your body.  If you want to steer attention away from a bigger bust then avoid clingy, translucent or crisp white tops and go for deconstructed draping fabrics.
  • White can look striking for evening wear, if you can carry it off.  White looks glamorous in silk and satin, taffeta, lace and shimmer such as icy white sequins or paillettes.  However, whilst it will make some look radiant it will make others look washed out so consider the effect it has on your complexion when you hold the garment close to your face.
  • The white work shirt is a great staple but don’t go for cheap material, go at least mid range if you can. Thin shirts that are almost transparent are distracting and don’t look professional in the work place.
  • Take care of your whites and they will look good for longer. Make sure you have the right products such as stain remover and the right detergent to maintain your garments and always wash after every wear.

White on white is the look this summer but not everyone can carry it off.  The idea is that you layer and mix different fabrics in your whites but if all white doesn’t work for you, you can still keep it simple and elegant by mixing it with other neutrals like creams, light coffee shades or greys.  For those of you who prefer to add colour, pick just one good shade and keep your accessories to a minimum to maintain a neat, fresh look.

Whichever team you are supporting in the World Cup 2014, enjoy the games and enjoy a stylish summer!

Fiona Wellins
Colour Me Beautiful