Drug . . . find more women fashion on www.misspool.comAre you trapped in black? A recent survey found that 41% of our wardrobes are made up of black clothes – sound familiar?

Each one of us on average, own 5 black tops, 3 black pairs of trousers, 2 black skirts, one LBD (little black dress) and 4 pairs of black shoes.

No wonder the people we know and love rarely notice we’ve been out on a shopping splurge – marvellously, it really does all look the same to the untrained eye!

I checked my own wardrobe against these statistics and found I have 1 black top (always worn with another one of my colours over it), 3 pairs of black trousers, 1 black skirt (rarely worn) and 5 pairs of black shoes, if you include my boots.

Some of us head for black in the shops as it is ‘safe’ and some of us opt for black because it’s in a style we like and it just doesn’t come in any other colour. Or some ladies feel it’s slimming and undoubtedly darker colours are more slimming, but there is a problem with black. It just doesn’t suit everyone.

A great option for those in the Clear colour category - a bright scarf worn with black creates contrast to compliment your bright eyes and dark hair!It can make us look pale and drawn. Looking washed out can make you feel below par too, so you can walk around all day not quite feeling yourself but not really knowing why.

It goes without saying that black is a great neutral and staple in your wardrobe  as it goes with so many other colours. So if you look a bit paler when you put on your favourite black top, think again – should you be wearing black close to your face, or are you better in black trousers or a skirt? Or consider what other colours you could wear it with that really suit you.

The only people who can wear black successfully and look stunning in it are ladies with dark hair and dark eyes, dark hair with bright blue eyes or silver haired ladies. In colour me beautiful terms – our lovely deeps, clears or cools. This is because black harmonises and balances with their natural colouring.

If your hair isn’t any of these colours then there are some great alternatives depending on which colour hair you have. For example, brown made a come back recently. Navy and charcoal grey are also fabulous teamed with some of your fashion colours. Dark purple or damson are also great neutrals in your wardrobe and can be worn with so many lovely colours.

So next time you reach for that new black purchase, step out of the dark ages, – think again – should I really be wearing this?

Blog written by Shan Williams, Personal Stylist.


To find out which colours suit you best this season and whether black is a good colour for you to wear close to your face, contact one of our consultants for a colour analysis. Click here www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/consultant/search/ and just pop in your postcode to find out who is nearest you and send them an email or give them a call. Our consultants are a friendly bunch!

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The story of fashion is the story of colour. More than any other single factor, colour gives a garment (and the person who wears it) impact – both visually and emotionally. A woman walking towards you in a red dress tells a very different story than the same woman in blue. Red is associated with confidence and passion, blue subconsciously says trustworthy and authoritarian.

As we know, why people wear what they wear is influenced by events, local and global, political and cultural as well as fashion.

So what colours do the SpringSummer 2015  trends have in store for us? The answer – they are full of ‘bright’ ideas and influences. With the colours on the catwalk and now in the High Street you won’t be able to do anything other than ‘strike a pose’. It will definitely be a case of ‘hue dares wins’!

The message out there is be bright and be bold.

Coral crush – here for the 2nd season. Worn last season with navy, this season it is being mixed with other brights especially when nailing the Eastern vibe with kimono-style robes and blossom prints.

Va-Va vert – blue green tones including emerald turquoise. This is an international colour which means it suits all colour types – so a great investment.

Sizzling yellow – from a twist of lemon to a burst of buttercup summer’s happiest hue has arrived. It’s everywhere on the High Street. If you can’t bring yourself to wear it head to toe, then choose some ‘sunshine’ accessories.

Acid colours – with neon pink and green – there is no danger of us not being noticed in the dark. This is a really challenging look for the brave hearted. The secret is to ensure you wear the right neon for your skin tone. If you have cool skin tone, wear neon pink, and if you have warm skin tone go for the greens and oranges.

True blue –  this is more forgiving than black, so make navy or midnight your neutral for SpringSummer 2015. Used in mono stripes, it will be the simplest way to make a statement this season.

Pastels – should you not be one for bright colour combos then be ‘summer ready’ by choosing some sugary pastels. Even suede will be in gorgeous sorbet shades.

New research that was revealed on Twitter says that shopping can help you live longer, so what are you waiting for? How about living to 101 via your passion for shopping?

To find out which colours suit you best this season, contact one of our consultants for a colour analysis. Click here www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/consultant/search/ and just pop in your postcode to find out who is nearest you and send them an email.

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