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Image source: Captain & The Gypsy Kid.

Image source: Captain & The Gypsy Kid.

If you follow us over on our Facebook page you’ll have seen that we’ve been asking you what has been the best style advice your Mum has given you over the years.

From ‘less is more’ through to ‘don’t show your underwear’ we’ve loved the pearls of wisdom you’ve been sharing and it certainly goes to show that Mum really does know best.

Today we look at style lessons from iconic women that we can all apply today.

“If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes you can get away with anything.” 

- Iris Apfel

Get the fundamentals right (in this case hair and shoes in Iris Apfel’s opinion) and the rest will flow. We all know how awful we feel if we’re having a bad hair day or if our shoes are scuffed and worn. Take care with the basics and you will look inevitably look put-together and feel much more confident as a result.

“You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that.”

- Helen Mirren

We love this! All too often we all worry about what other people may think of us and how we dress. If you can shake this off and dress for yourself we can guarantee that your confidence and happiness will shine through – making you the best dressed person in the room, no matter what you’re wearing!

“Life is a party, dress like it.” 

- Audrey Hepburn

How often have you saved an item of clothing for ‘best’ only for it never to see the light of day? We love this advice from Audrey Hepburn – how fabulous would it be if we all dressed up every day?!The world would certainly be a much more glamorous place! Now we’re not suggesting you wear your ball gown to walk the dog, but perhaps next time the occasion calls for it, go to town a little and wear that fabulous dress/blouse/bag that you’ve been keeping for a special occasion. Beautiful clothes deserve to be shared with the world!

“Attitude is everything.” 

- Diane von Furstenburg

Isn’t it just? No matter your age, dress size or clothing budget, how you wear your clothes and the attitude you adopt really is everything! Adopt a positive, fun and optimistic attitude and this will flow through to your style and best of all, a change of attitude to how you dress doesn’t cost a penny!

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Little Honor and Jessica Alba: Is there nowhere to hide from the eye of the school gate fashion police? My clients tell me that all they want to do is wake up in a daze, climb into crumpled jumper and jeans and get the children to school with their hair and teeth brushed.

But no. The school run has become the place to look stylish and be judged.

Do you think this is a result of ‘celebrity culture’ again? Not only have we all got to be waif-like, we have to look chic but casual. We see them in magazines dropping off their off-spring not a baby sick stain in sight!

The interesting thing about school-gate style is that, like hockey or netball, it is terrifically competitive. Of course there are mum’s who are not bothered – in true Catherine Tate style, but it’s what women do. We size up, we compare and as with any place where women meet, there’s a little bit of one-up-woman-ship going on.

You see the rushed-off-their-feet working mums who ditch and run (that was me – along with the guilt), then you get the fitness fanatics in their bouncy trainers and lycra (that was never me, but I wish it was), forever on their way to a keep fit class or Zumba.

Having read this blog, you will be wondering what to wear this week when you drop off the kids, my advice is a statement coat or raincoat which is practical and you can put over any of your more casual clothes to lift your look. Another top tip, wear a colour of the season that really suits you – that way you will look up to date, more vibrant, energetic and less tired – even if your baby has kept you awake all night! Finally, a little lipstick and lip gloss will brighten your morning and make you feel more confident.

Written by Shan Williams, Personal Stylist.

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Image courtesy of Pinterest – Little Honor and Jessica Alba