Some shoe facts –

  • 39% of men think their partner has too many pairs of shoes
  • 55% of men have had to carry their girlfriend because their feet hurt
  • One in two women owns more than 30 pairs of shoes
  • 8% of women own more than 100 pairs of shoes
  • 75% of women own shoes that don’t fit very well
  • 43% of women have worn 5-inch heels or higher

(Taken from a survey of 1,000 men and women conducted by Harpers Bazaar.)

Can you identify with any of the above results?

I know I can. Only recently my husband had to carry me from the car into a restaurant, as I had to walk down a steep hill to it and would have toppled off my heels! I felt like a heroine in a movie though – rather than a woman who couldn’t walk in her shoes – I may try it again sometime soon.

As far as numbers of pairs of shoes that I have – I am fairly modest, owning about 15 pairs at the last count and 6 pairs of boots.

So why do we have so many shoes (and bags)?

My theory is. Women love shoes for the same reasons they love bags. They don’t make you feel fat, you don’t have to get undressed to try them on, size is either non-issue or simply not related to your stomach, and they don’t necessarily suit Kate Moss any better than you. Agree?

As I have matured, I find wearing heels more of a challenge, we also have to think of practicality – is it me or are the pavements in our towns getting worse? So to my delight, I find that stylish flats are in. These flats are in all the styles, colours and textures you need to know about. From sleek velvet slippers and ballet pumps to boyish brogues – flats that every wardrobe wants.

I also love the fact that in all our cities now, ladies are walking to work in their trainers (sports luxe being very on trend) and then putting on their ‘power’ heels when they get to the office.

So we can now step out stylishly and actually ‘walk’ along the pavements without the threat of losing our pride. The joy!

Blog post written by Shan Williams, Personal Stylist and Director of Training for colour me beautiful

So if you are not quite sure what flats are right for you, your personality and your lifestyle why not visit one of our consultants who can advise you. As well as covering shoes, a style consultation will ensure you know how to dress for your body shape, height, scale and proportions. Click here www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/consultant/search/ and just pop in your postcode to find out who is nearest you and send them an email or give them a call. Our consultants are a friendly bunch!

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Helen Mirren - gorgeous, fantastic actress, and forever young.

We all know that too much sun and smoking speed up the ageing process, but some innocent habits and wearing the wrong clothes can also add years.

The good news is, a few every day precautions can help turn the clock back.

Let’s first discuss some of our famous silver stylistas.

Mary Berry

With Mary Berry’s fashion icon status rising higher than her sponges; she is definitely setting the trend for her generation.

The look:

Youthful, colourful and rule-breaking, Mary Berry’s style is brilliant for her petite frame.

Why it works:

Statement jackets are flattering but eye-catching, neat knits don’t swamp her and when she dresses up she keeps it simple and colourful which suits her blonde hair.

Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen is the red carpet queen. Whether in chunky boots and belt to pull together off-duty pieces or at a premiere in London wearing Dolce and Gabbana she looks chic.

The look:

Dame Helen Mirren exudes red carpet sex appeal, wearing body-con dresses that women half her age would not wear.

Why it works:

Dame Helen knows how to dress her curves, choosing fitted dresses with lots of stretch that show off her bust and waist. She opts for long sleeves and demure lengths and often adds a maverick touch, such as a leather biker jacket over a full-length gown.

So as well as taking some tips from Mary and Dame Helen why not try our 6 secret steps for a more youthful look:

1. Ditch sensible shoes

Overly sensible shoes are an instant ager. Although comfort takes priority as we get older, shoes with clumpy rubber soles risk looking orthopaedic and square toes are outdated. A low heel or wedge will always look more glamorous and for chic flats opt for a coloured ballet pump.

2. Don’t play too safe

There’s a fine line between looking classic and boring. Drab washed-out neutrals worn top-to-toe can easily fall in to fuddy-duddy territory. Don’t be scared of colour and make sure they are the right colours for you. If you have had your colours done years ago, it may be time for an update if your hair colour has changed.

3. Show a little not a lot

To look years younger, show a bit of skin. Collarbones, along with shoulders and wrists are the slimmest parts of our body and weather well, so worth showing off. Keep your collarbone exposed with elegant open necklines and accessorise with a bold statement necklace. Also wear boat necklines and ¾ sleeves to accentuate these areas.

4. Get clothes that fit

Baggy, shapeless clothes that hide your body will make you look wider and older, while clothes that are too tight will look tacky.

No matter what your size, softly tailored garments and gently-draped jersey dresses will give a youthful silhouette. Show off the part of your body you like the most, whether it’s your bust, legs or arms.

5. Say no to saggy bras

A great outfit will always start with good foundations. Make sure ‘Bridget Jones’ style you have some big knickers to hold in that tummy and always get fitted for your bra by a reputable lingerie shop. My preference would be to invest in a trip to London and go to Rigby and Peller. If they are good enough for the Queen they are good enough for me!

6. Update your hair style

Another silver stylista in my book is Dame Judi Dench, silver hair she may have, however, the thing that makes her look younger is that ‘funky’ cut. So if you have had your hair in the same style for years then use her for inspiration and go get your locks re-styled.

To find out which colours and styles suit you best, contact one of our consultants for a colour analysis or style consultation. Click here www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/consultant/search/ and just pop in your postcode to find out who is nearest you and send them an email. We are a friendly lot!

Lots more to look at on www.pinterest.com/colourmebeautuk/being-fabulous-has-no-best-before-date/



Drug . . . find more women fashion on www.misspool.comAre you trapped in black? A recent survey found that 41% of our wardrobes are made up of black clothes – sound familiar?

Each one of us on average, own 5 black tops, 3 black pairs of trousers, 2 black skirts, one LBD (little black dress) and 4 pairs of black shoes.

No wonder the people we know and love rarely notice we’ve been out on a shopping splurge – marvellously, it really does all look the same to the untrained eye!

I checked my own wardrobe against these statistics and found I have 1 black top (always worn with another one of my colours over it), 3 pairs of black trousers, 1 black skirt (rarely worn) and 5 pairs of black shoes, if you include my boots.

Some of us head for black in the shops as it is ‘safe’ and some of us opt for black because it’s in a style we like and it just doesn’t come in any other colour. Or some ladies feel it’s slimming and undoubtedly darker colours are more slimming, but there is a problem with black. It just doesn’t suit everyone.

A great option for those in the Clear colour category - a bright scarf worn with black creates contrast to compliment your bright eyes and dark hair!It can make us look pale and drawn. Looking washed out can make you feel below par too, so you can walk around all day not quite feeling yourself but not really knowing why.

It goes without saying that black is a great neutral and staple in your wardrobe  as it goes with so many other colours. So if you look a bit paler when you put on your favourite black top, think again – should you be wearing black close to your face, or are you better in black trousers or a skirt? Or consider what other colours you could wear it with that really suit you.

The only people who can wear black successfully and look stunning in it are ladies with dark hair and dark eyes, dark hair with bright blue eyes or silver haired ladies. In colour me beautiful terms – our lovely deeps, clears or cools. This is because black harmonises and balances with their natural colouring.

If your hair isn’t any of these colours then there are some great alternatives depending on which colour hair you have. For example, brown made a come back recently. Navy and charcoal grey are also fabulous teamed with some of your fashion colours. Dark purple or damson are also great neutrals in your wardrobe and can be worn with so many lovely colours.

So next time you reach for that new black purchase, step out of the dark ages, – think again – should I really be wearing this?

Blog written by Shan Williams, Personal Stylist.


To find out which colours suit you best this season and whether black is a good colour for you to wear close to your face, contact one of our consultants for a colour analysis. Click here www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/consultant/search/ and just pop in your postcode to find out who is nearest you and send them an email or give them a call. Our consultants are a friendly bunch!

Please visit our Pinterest board for some great ideas on how to wear black.  https://www.pinterest.com/colourmebeautuk/trapped-in-black/


The story of fashion is the story of colour. More than any other single factor, colour gives a garment (and the person who wears it) impact – both visually and emotionally. A woman walking towards you in a red dress tells a very different story than the same woman in blue. Red is associated with confidence and passion, blue subconsciously says trustworthy and authoritarian.

As we know, why people wear what they wear is influenced by events, local and global, political and cultural as well as fashion.

So what colours do the SpringSummer 2015  trends have in store for us? The answer – they are full of ‘bright’ ideas and influences. With the colours on the catwalk and now in the High Street you won’t be able to do anything other than ‘strike a pose’. It will definitely be a case of ‘hue dares wins’!

The message out there is be bright and be bold.

Coral crush – here for the 2nd season. Worn last season with navy, this season it is being mixed with other brights especially when nailing the Eastern vibe with kimono-style robes and blossom prints.

Va-Va vert – blue green tones including emerald turquoise. This is an international colour which means it suits all colour types – so a great investment.

Sizzling yellow – from a twist of lemon to a burst of buttercup summer’s happiest hue has arrived. It’s everywhere on the High Street. If you can’t bring yourself to wear it head to toe, then choose some ‘sunshine’ accessories.

Acid colours – with neon pink and green – there is no danger of us not being noticed in the dark. This is a really challenging look for the brave hearted. The secret is to ensure you wear the right neon for your skin tone. If you have cool skin tone, wear neon pink, and if you have warm skin tone go for the greens and oranges.

True blue –  this is more forgiving than black, so make navy or midnight your neutral for SpringSummer 2015. Used in mono stripes, it will be the simplest way to make a statement this season.

Pastels – should you not be one for bright colour combos then be ‘summer ready’ by choosing some sugary pastels. Even suede will be in gorgeous sorbet shades.

New research that was revealed on Twitter says that shopping can help you live longer, so what are you waiting for? How about living to 101 via your passion for shopping?

To find out which colours suit you best this season, contact one of our consultants for a colour analysis. Click here www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/consultant/search/ and just pop in your postcode to find out who is nearest you and send them an email.

Please click here for some great idea of how to where what.

do this for fall with black turtle neck and old navy kakhi and black skirt. ballet flats. SO cute! Love putting outfits together with stuff I already have, but never thought to do!


There’s nothing better than having an item in your wardrobe that goes with everything. But how about having something in your wardrobe that enables you to put a number of disparate items of clothing together and you finish up with a ‘look’ that anyone would be proud to wear?

That ‘something’ is usually the white shirt which has for many years been the linchpin of layering for us all and will continue to do so. Whether worn with its cute collar peaking out from under a jumper or layered under a shift dress or smart suit to formalise work wear, we have all been committed to the white shirt with several in our wardrobe.

Now, however, another certain ‘something’ that can be relied upon to pull your outfit together is the humble polo neck. Roll necks in all colours and shapes are key this winter. When layered they can turn an ordinary outfit into a ‘chic’, subtle and modern statement. For example, layer with a jacket for a corporate look or under a shirt or jumper for a casual look.

It’s rare that fashion is also practical. Ward off the winter chill with the range of roll neck and turtle neck jumpers from the High Street. From chunky, cable knit crops to sleek, cowl neck swing tops they are there for you to choose from.

In styling terms though, the polo or turtle neck is not for everyone. You need to consider two things – your bust size and the length of your neck.

The rule is – the higher the neck line, the fuller the bust looks. So if this is you, best to avoid them and layer a v-neck or scoop neck with a camisole and scarf for extra warmth. Or better still, the cowl neck will be much more flattering and also warm.

If you have a long neck and smaller bust then this is the easy essential for your winter wardrobe. It will give you that après or during ski vibe. Alternatively, wear with A-line skirt and pointed flats for that 60s inspired look.

And it’s not a trend just for the ladies, the men now get to wear them too. To encourage him to be more ‘retro cool’ than ‘fuddy duddy’ get him to wear his with slim-fit tailored trousers.

Colour me beautiful consultants offer men’s image consultations too so if you are a fan of colour me beautiful yourself, why not book a consultation for the man in your life?  www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/services-for-men

Take a look at our Colour Me Beautiful Pinterest account for more outfit ideas and style inspiration here.

Would love a fur vest or fur coat!! Maybe vest more? Im not sure , faux fur :) or scarf! TOP FIVEFaux fur for the ultimate in every day glamour.

Just one plush garment can shield you from the elements and make you look luxuriously snug (and smug) – faux fur.

From teddy bear coats to subtle fluffy trims, there’s a winter wonder to suit everyone’s furry fashion limit. Why not be faux fur fabulous with all this cold weather around?

Full pelt

A thick, faux fur coat has winter written all over it. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s a sound overcoat investment for the big freeze months, from November through to March.

Colour is all-important when selecting your faux fur. If you have a warm skin tone go for the browns, fawns and camels, should you have a cool skin tone choose grey or black fur.

There are also lots of animal print furs which are the ultimate statement if you have a dramatic or creative style personality. Leopard used to be the go-to print, but now you’ll find Friesian cow or Dalmatian spots, if you prefer a quirky monochrome colour way. Save the Friesian cow look for a rug!

Fur Panels

If you’re not convinced about a full-on faux fur, look to textured panelling instead.

Coats have turned indecisive this season, mixing up wool and fur, or leather and fur, for a two-tone look.

It’s a half-and-half take on faux fur and allows for a flattering silhouette, if you’re worried about adding extra bulk to your frame. If you want to experiment with textured panelled clothing, such as a skirt or top, a dense, flat fur, like faux ponyskin, is also more forgiving.

The fur-panelled sweatshirt is a must – quietly fluffy and downright loud, proud and fluff-tastic. Fur sweaters are officially in the spotlight so it’s time to get tactile.  Team with leather trousers or offset the edginess by tucking into a prim skirt.

Furry trims

Faux fur can be used as a glamorous accent on clothes, almost like tinsel on a Christmas tree, but minus sparkle.

You can pretty much forgo a scarf if you opt for a winter coat with a generous faux fur or shearling collar. The bigger the collar, the bigger the style statement.

Avoid a furry collar if you’re bigger busted, as it’s likely to exaggerate your proportions but, conversely, if you’re lacking in that area, it can boost your assets.

Generous faux fur trims on hemlines are the latest way to draw attention to your legs. Ensure you keep your pins streamlined in skinny jeans, leggings or tights, so that the fur can frame your limbs to the max.

This Dr. Zivago look never disappoints on the glam stakes.

Fluffy extras

Embrace the fluff factor with Siberia-inspired extras. Keep the cold out with furry snoods and scarves draped over shoulders, big hats – Cossack style – cuddling heads, and mittens over paws – all easy ways to add fur accents to your look.

If you want a colour contrast, the high street has rainbow bright numbers for a fun approach. Many of the above are available in the shops now at extraordinary discounts.

Throw practicality out of the window with this season’s surprise fuzzy evening extras: think sandals trimmed with fluffy marabou and clutch bags decked out in cosy shearling. They won’t keep you warm but they will look furry fabulous.

Take a look at our Colour Me Beautiful Pinterest account for more outfit ideas and style inspiration here.

To learn more about your personal colouring, style personality or what shape would suit you best, why not book a style consultation with one of our consultants? Click here.

Image: shopdailychic.com

Marsala Pantone 2015Marsala is Pantone colour of the year for 2015. It is an elegant colour, but not necessarily easy to wear.  Here at Colour Me Beautiful, we know how to work colour to everyone’s best advantage.  If you have a soft and muted colouring and favour chic and understated looks, you can wear it head-to-toe.  For everyone else, wear it with your favourite colours from your palette, either in contrast (Clears and Deeps) or blend it (Lights, Warms and Cools).

Here are a few tips on how each dominant colouring can wear Marsala.

The SOFT colourings (you have mousey hair that you may have highlighted à la Jennifer Aniston).
Marsala on you will create an elegant and sophisticated look when you wear it head to toe.  As a block colour, wear it with one of your neutral shades; try it with Taupe or Rose Brown.

The LIGHTS  (you have very light blond hair and pale blue or green eyes. Think Gwyneth Paltrow).
Wear Marsala if you are looking for an understated look on its own, or with Stone or Pewter shades.  For a more colourful ensemble, wear it with Petrol or Light Teal.

The WARMS  (red-heads like Emma Stone).
Go for the Wow factor when you wear it with your Orange Reds and the Greens in your palette such as Turquoise and Lime.

The DEEPS (dark hair and dark eyes – think Eva Longoria or Halle Berry)
You will bring Marsala into your wardrobe in a print together with your Burgundies, Aubergines, Damsons and purples.

The CLEARS (think contrast between hair, eyes and skin tone just like the Duchess of Cambridge).
Marsala is a soft and muted colour so it would not be the first choice for you.  However, it can work as part of a print with shades such as Chinese Blue, Emerald Turquoise or Fern, for example.  Or you may want to opt for an accessory, but not a necklace or scarf as they are too close to the face; bracelets and handbags would work a treat.

The COOLS (that’s the silver fox or salt-and-pepper girls out there like Jamie-Lee Curtis or Helen Mirren)
You will wear Marsala when you prefer a softer approach to colour in your wardrobe.  Wear it with greys from Charcoal to Silver Grey.

One piece of advice for everyone, if Marsala is close to your face, make sure the lipstick you wear works with it and doesn’t clash, unless you want to achieve a creative or dramatic look.

Veronique Henderson

Managing Director

Dune shoes borderSo, you’ve got the fab dress (or skirt/ trousers and top), now to find the perfect shoes!  This is often the hardest part of putting a party outfit together.  Shoes are a feature of your party wear and can make or break your look.

There are three basic requirements for your party shoes:  they need to give you height, look amazing with what you are wearing and they need to be comfortable – yes, that Holy Grail of shoes!  It should be an easy task with only these three criteria to fulfil, but it rarely is.

When we are dressing our body, the aim is to create a balanced look, i.e. we want to look like we have the perfect body shape.  When it comes to picking the right shoes, you need to focus more carefully on your lower body.  Think about the length of your legs, especially from the knee down, and the shape of your calves and ankles.

We have put together some tips to help you choose the right party shoe styles for you.

Height and Comfort

There is no doubt that a higher heel adds length to your legs but can you really wear them all night?  If you are going to an event by car or cab and are likely to be seated for part of the evening then you can sacrifice comfort a bit.  If you know you will be doing some walking and standing then you need a certain degree of comfort – how much will depend on your comfort threshold.   Shoes with a heel and platform at the front half are usually a good choice to balance height with comfort.  If you are going to sacrifice comfort entirely, don’t pay too much, you are not likely to get much wear out of those skyscrapers.

Mid heels might make you feel as though you’re not making the effort, but there are plenty pretty styles to choose from which won’t compromise your party look.  Kitten heels are perhaps even better than mid heels as they are not trying to be high, they are stylish and glamorous in their own right.

Flats have been a big story this year and there are many decorative styles to choose from, so don’t rule them out.    With the right outfit they can look very elegant and classy.

Styles and Stockings

Those with a shorter length leg from the knee to ankle need to beware of straps and wearing anything too high up the foot.  Low fronted shoes give the illusion of longer legs and narrower ankles, as do open-toed shoes.  Closed shoes shorten the length of the feet and legs.

Low-cut T-straps work for most people but ankle straps will only look good on those with long legs and slim ankles

Stockings or tights add another dimension to the mix.  Flesh-toned tights often work best, but if you are going for sheer black you ideally want black shoes or a black dress, especially if you have shorter legs.  Mixing a different colour dress, tights and shoes will appear to chop up your look making you and your legs appear shorter.   If you are taller with long legs you can afford to mix a  couple of colours. It all depends on the look you want to achieve.


There isn’t as much choice if you want a colour shoe, and if it’s versatility you need then black, silver, gold and/or sparkly are the best options. Colour shoes can look wonderful as a statement or to match an outfit, but as with tights, you don’t want to clutter your legs with various colours if you are trying to elongate them.   Ideally, you want to match your shoe colour to your dress colour.  Alternatively, your shoes might be the colour in your otherwise neutral outfit.

Have a glamorous and feet-friendly Christmas!


Fiona Wellins
Colour Me Beautiful


New Look blogWhen it comes to looking good, it’s not your size or shape that matters, it’s the fit of your clothes.  By knowing your basic body shape and understanding the guidelines for choosing the types of clothes that will accentuate your good features and minimize your less-than-perfect areas, you will be able to dress in the way that suits you best.

At this time of year you will be thinking about your new party dress and with so much choice, you need to start by knowing what suits you.  When choosing your dress your aim is to create the illusion of having a balanced body – in proportion on the top and the bottom.  So, once you know your body shape you can make sure choose the styles that flatter your figure and avoid those that don’t.

What dress shapes should you get for your body shape?

Neat Hourglass
Lucky you! You have a balanced body with your top and bottom half in proportion so you can wear pretty much any dress shape but ideally you want something shaped. Choose a dress that will show off your body with a dress that defines your waist, enhances your bust and highlights your hips and bottom.

Full Hourglass
Wow! You have the most feminine body shape with full curves in all the right places. Choose dresses that are fluid and shaped so you can accentuate your curves rather than cover them up.  Think wrap, bias or soft pleats.

Great! You can bring all the attention to the top half of your body.  You are often referred to as pear shaped, so with your choice of dress  you should aim to accentuate your bust and minimize your bottom and hips.  Think embellishment on the top and no detail on the bottom half.  You might even prefer separates.

Brilliant! Proportionally you have a flat bottom and hips. Your problem area is your central torso, so, wherever possible use accessories to draw the eye to the area above your bust and below your hips. Your aim is to give the impression of a slightly longer body.  Choose something A-line, wrap or a drop waistline.

Lucky you! You are the one with the flat hips and a flat bottom. However, some rectangles will also have a fuller bust, which gives a softer edge to their shape.  Your main aim is to soften those edges even more and create the appearance of curves.  Choose simple, straight lines or shift dresses.

Inverted Triangle
Magnificent! You have great shoulders – halternecks are made for you, To balance the upper and lower parts of your body, you need to highlight your hips and bottom, focusing all attention below your waist.  Go for simple straight lines, shift dresses or choose separates.


Body Confidence Calendar Cover small 2Get the Body Confidence Calendar 2015 and support Breakthrough Breast Cancer Colour Me Beautiful consultants bare (almost) all for a good cause!  Each one of their uniquely beautiful bodies was tastefully draped to create a fun and inspirational calendar with a very strong message.

The aim is to sell 5,000 calendars to raise £50,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Why a Body Confidence calendar?

The idea for this calendar began with a jokey comment, but transformed into a very real and worthy project.  When Colour Me Beautiful consultant Meg Hanlon discovered her close friend and colleague Maria Hastings was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was motivated to do something. Several months later after a great deal of hard work from Meg, Maria and 11 other Colour Me Beautiful consultants, the Body Confidence Calendar 2015 is ready and looking fantastic.

The calendar was created to raise funds but also to remind you and your female family and friends to do a regular breast check.  On the inside cover of the calendar there is a Breakthrough Breast Cancer ‘Touch, Look, Check’ page with information and instructions on how to check your breasts.  Each month has a different inspirational woman and gives confidence boosting quotes and helpful style tips.   Seeing women of different shapes, sizes, colourings and personalities looking fabulous is also a reminder that you deserve to feel good about yourself and be body confident, every day!

So, you can do a good thing for Breast Cancer Awareness month and after, you can buy a fabulous calendar (great for Christmas gifts) and you can support a charity that needs your help. The calendar is also endorsed by Lorraine Kelly (Lorraine, ITV weekday mornings).  When Lorraine invited Meg onto her show she was so inspired she wanted to show her support.  She said “I hope you love the calendar as much as I do and that you too will be inspired to be breast aware”.

Lorraine Kelly image


          Buy your Body Confidence Calendar(s) 2015 here  2015calendar.co.uk